The story behind this song involves the star maidens from the Pleiades constellation. One star maiden runs away from heaven to marry a humble yet pure hearted farmer. The Queen turns the couple into stars along with their two children. This song is sung by children in Japan on the 7th July to celebrate the Star Festival. Stories of the star maidens of the Pleiadies coming to Earth have been told since ancient times all around the world.


Sasa no ha sara sara
Nokiba ni yureru
Ohoshi sama kira kira
Sora kara miteru

Bamboo leaves are rustling
Under the eaves
Stars are twinkling at us
From the sky


from Molly Whuppie and other wonder tales, released September 11, 2013
Lyre & Chalaumeau arranged and played by Ian Blake
words by Ryuhu Hayashi Gondo, tune by Kanichi Shimofusa (1941)


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