Molly Whuppie and other wonder tales

by The Story Tree Company

Sasa no ha sara sara Nokiba ni yureru Ohoshi sama kira kira Sora kara miteru Translation: Bamboo leaves are rustling Under the eaves Stars are twinkling at us From the sky
Gowondo 05:31
Chee moo daw sawhn kah Sawhn kah lwah hee chaw Chee moo daw hoo yaw Hee yaw tsu tsu chaw Chee moo daw sohn hey!
Goldenheart 03:56
Hey old tortoise, old tortoise I have written the Japanese lyrics in a way which I hope helps English speakers pronounce the words. How come in all the world, in all of the world No-one else is as slow, as slow as you Hey old tortoise, why are you so slow Moshi moshi kameyo kameh sanyo Sekayee no uchee day omayeh hodo Ayumee no norahee mono wa nehee Dosheeta sonanni norohee nokah Silly young rabbit what is that you say? I will run a race with you to show of what I’m made We will race all the way to the mountain over there I wonder who will get there first, the tortoise or the hare? Nanto ossharo usagee sahn Sorenara omahee toe kahkeh kurabe Mukoo no oyamah no whomoto mahdeh Dochira ga saki ni kake tsuku ka?
Dee See Nee Senang Dee Sah Na Senang Dee manna manna Hattee koo senang La la la la… Translation: Here I am happy There I am happy Everywhere my heart is happy.


The National Library of Australia inaugurated a Special Award to recognise this outstanding CD of stories and songs for children. Entertain the kids in the car, before bed, school holidays any time! You will even enjoy listening yourself!

”The art of the bard or storyteller is very much alive and well with this sparkling collection of tales and songs.” Cassy Cochrane, Sydney’s Child.


released September 11, 2013

© 2006 All rights reserved
Recorded by Ian Blake at Blue Bear Studios, Canberra.
Musical arrangement written and performed by Ian Blake.
Mastered by Kimmo Vennonen, Canberra
Illustration by Georgia Whiley
Layout by Jenine Davidson


all rights reserved


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